Build A Healthy Body

Most of the new people I talk to about doTERRA’s essential oils and natural products have no idea how many ways these options can support their lifestyles. When we start to go over all of the ways, and which oils and products would be best for them, they start to get a little excited about…

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A Natural Deodorant That Works!

Natural products are sought after nowadays to the point where almost everyone who connects with me wants to know what their options are in all kinds of areas. If someone finds me and wants to know about a natural digestive support oil, they then might ask me about an oil for skin blemishes. And because…

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doTERRA & The Holidays !

The Cooks Corner

One of the most popular topics that people want to talk about is how to use essential oils in place of certain ingredients in recipes. Once people start to understand that doTERRA only offers the purest oils and that many are safe to use in cooking, they start to get excited about the possibilities. For…

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doTERRA's Vanilla Oil

Real Vanilla? Absolutely!

For the past ten years I have used and enjoyed essential oils in almost every part of my life. I started this journey as a true oil ‘newbie’ but have now progressed into a well researched user and sharer of our pure, ethically produced, essential oils. I have spent a lot of time educating others…

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Welcome to Our abode Line!

abode ~ For The Health of Your Home

doTERRA has released a much anticipated home care line that brings the power of nature into your house. abode is a blend of essential oils that was formulated to get the most cleaning power into your hands while also assuring you that these products are safe. You don’t need harsh chemical-infused products to have a…

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doTERRA Deep Blue Stick w/Copaiba

Our Deep Blue & Copaiba Oils

For years I have shared stories of how doTERRA’s Deep Blue essential oil blend and Copaiba oil could work together to calm and soothe muscle and joint pain in the body. Before we had our Copaiba oil we always had the Deep Blue blend and this product became a best seller overnight practically. The reason?…

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doTERRA & Eye Health

Essential Oils For Eye Health

One of my favorite things to talk about when it comes to the natural benefits of doTERRA’s pure essential oils is vision and eye care. There are so many common eye issues that we all will encounter in our lives at some point and I’ve got some tips to share that may support you and…

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Our Newest Blend is a Crowd Pleaser!

Diffusing Harvest Spice Essential Oil

Every year people who love doTERRA’s essential oils look forward to the Fall when our special release blends come out. The usual two are the Holiday Joy and our Holiday Peace which are offered for a limited time. People love these blends because they smell festive and uplifting and who doesn’t want that feeling flowing…

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doTERRA Has What You Need

Health Options From Nature

When it comes to healthcare options, the local store shelf is not your only choice for supportive possibilities. Nowadays we have the ability to go online and do research into anything that we want more information about, including where to find that item and how to get it conveniently. When you do a search for…

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Best Natural Whitening Toothpaste

 The best natural whitening toothpaste that will get your smile noticed is made by dōTERRA and available for you, today. Most of us are hyper-aware of the tint of our teeth and would like to have the whitest smile possible. Teeth whitening products make millions of dollars a year and almost everyone buys into…

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